ds106 Summer Session: Camp Magic MacGuffin

Image credit: Summer Camp

As Alan Levine has already blogged, ds106 is running again this Summer and it should be a blast. It’s a 10 week session being co-taught by Martha Burtis and Alan, and it promises to be insane. There’s a Summer Camp theme (Camp Magic MacGuffin) inspiring this iteration which promises that your stay will be prove cool and comfortable over a 10 week session rather than being crammed into 5. I’ll be taking the class as a open, online camper myself because I have a lot of creative catching up to do, I’ve been wanting to focus intensely on my image and video editing skills—and there’s no better time than the Summer for such fun.

The class is fully online and it starts May 21st, so if you’ve been considering doing something fun and creative this Summer it might be a good time to signup for ds106 and see what happens. No pressure as always, but this is gonna to be a fun, intimate cohort and it’s an excellent opportunity to learn a lot, share more, and loop into a community of creative energy. If and when you register on the ds106 site be sure to select the Camp Magic MacGuffin affiliation and include your blog URL, twitter handle, etc. in the profile fields. Once you’ve done that, they’ll be sure to loop you in on the action as the Summer fast approaches. Hope to see you at camp in a couple of weeks.

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