ds106: The Waves of Creativity

I’m starting to feel the ds106 creativity rise and hopefully crest here soon, and it feels good. Getting back into the groove is everything, and I figured it was time for a long overdue Daily Create to prime the pump. Today’s TDC features a wild project called Mystic Symbolic Art wherein you use the site to create a design by controlling various elements such as color palette, design complexity, gradient, etc. I got to exploring and found the Waves creator, and that was brilliant because it was as much math and physics as it was design fun. I played with velocity, axes, and cycles for a bit, and after doing so decided to screencast my playing around and setting it to the music of waves thanks to this YouTube videos featuring 8 hours of wave music to put you to sleep. I still love the internet 🙂

Update: On a lark I grabbed 12 seconds of video of my final product and used the IMGUR Video to GIF tool to create what might be one of my most perfect GIFs yet!


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