The Joy of ds106, Week 2

Paul Bond and I are starting to get into the flow of The Joy of ds106 and students are posting! We did a rush job on Week 2’s intro video, but I like that we are keeping it focused and a very manageable 7 minutes or so. Right now it is all about on-boarding the students, and we’re not in the heart of the class, which is all about featuring and championing the work happening by students in the course. When that starts to happen, as it always does, we can spend more time discussing their creations—which is the true joy of ds106.

I do love the new intro music Paul incoporated, and the next project will be finding a video template to introduce featured guests/artists when we highlight student work. We want them (or their personas) to be front and center in these weekly broadcasts, and Paul and I chatted about that briefly after recording this one in order to spice things up and encourage engagement. So, next up is working on some kind of groovy show intro/credit sequence. #4life

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  1. Alan Levine says:

    There’s a lot of joy in watching this play out, especially with this dialogue format and Jim
    as the voice in the corner. You guys are having such fun!

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