ds106zone LoDown 018 (talking smack with Jim Groom)

imagesGiven the state of exhaustion Scottlo has found himself suffering under, Rochelle and I have done the heavy lifting these past two days. My show clocked in at a cool 32 minutes (sorry Andrew Thomas Experience) and it may be the best Lodown yet, if I do say so myself. I think it captures the true spirit of the class, i.e. smack talking. I start out gently by featuring some work that was compelling, but slowly move into a relentless, “fun loving” discussion of the 911 audio assignments that a number of UMW students did. If you did a 911 Audio assignment and are a student at UMW, you may not want to listen to this Lodown. In fact, I recommend you don’t, you might not like what you hear 😉 A-GAME!!!! [I hope the ds106zonies at UMW have a sense of humor!]

The ds106zone Lodown #18

Here are the links to various posts and assignments I discuss in this episode:
Grant Potter’s “License to Operate” Bumper
Andrew Thomas’s Join the Zone bumper
Christina Hendricks “Midnight Sun” Bumper
Brian Bennett’s tutorial for recording Google’ Hangouts in high quality and his Once you’re in…
Brian Short’s “The Moonglow Gave me You”
Wesley’s Twilight Zone Polyphony Assignment
911 Calls
Jessica’s 911 Call
Charlie’s 911 Call
Claire’s 911 Call
Mark ‘s 911 Call
Rita’s 911 Call
Kevin’s 911 Call

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3 Responses to ds106zone LoDown 018 (talking smack with Jim Groom)

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  2. scottlo says:

    I wish I could say, “I taught him everything he nose about radio.” But you clearly took it to a new level. Well done Jim!

    This will be a tough act to follow tomorrow. I can fell a touch of agita coming on. I wish Rolaids weren’t prohibit in this country.

    • Reverend says:


      I took nothing to a new level, rather I took it to new depths of abuse 🙂 It was fun, and I appreciate the opportunity. I am totally game for another one soon. Let me know, and thanks!

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