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The bava Media Center

The bava media center, featuring a Sony Trinitron 19” television to the far left with a Commodore 128 right below it. Beneath that is a used Panasonic DP-U89000 DVD Blu-ray/UHD multi-region player for the new fangled higher-end media. Continue reading

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Between the Chapters: The Web

Between the Chapters: A #Podcast Book Club for the 25 @YearsEd of #EdTech – about the "book club" & audiobook project I'm working on with @edtechfactotum based on @mweller 's open book: https://t.co/NW8jrOcNhv pic.twitter.com/a9FR9gr4XL — Laura Pasquini, PhD (@laurapasquini) November … Continue reading

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Uninstalling USB Audio Codec Demo

Or it might also be found more easily under the title “uninstalling usb-driver.com demo driver,” but either way I hope someone else who has this issue avoids wasting as much time as I did on it. 25 minutes of me … Continue reading

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Reclaim Arcade Interview

? Tim did a great interview in which he talks Reclaim Arcade on the 80-Bit Podsmash podcast with Termite and Penguin. The podcast is about all things gaming, and it was cool to hear the co-hosts dig on the Reclaim … Continue reading

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Laying it Down with the Lo

http://strawboss.net/radio/azuracast-and-you/ It’s been an absolute joy to watch Scott Lockman (a.k.a Scottlo) imagine, evolve, and build out Strawboss Radio. In short, Scottlo has been building a radio station that features the immense audio riches of the Internet Archive. And his … Continue reading

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Checking in with John Johnston on #ds106radio

captured my likeness;-) https://t.co/PXLG40n08U — john johnston (@johnjohnston) March 20, 2020 Back on March 20th I did one of my earlier call-in discussions with Scottish educator, blogger, and tinkerer John Johnston. John has been a long-time participant to the ds106 … Continue reading

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Loopback How-to for ds106radio

A few folks have asked me the easiest way to get on ds106radio, so I figured I would document the setup I am currently stealing from Tim Owens—surprise, surprise 🙂 He shared his Loopback setup, which is a paid application … Continue reading

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Tech Infrastructure as OER

Recently on Twitter, Jöran Muuß-Merhol reminded me of a discussion we had back in 2016 at the OER Conference in Edinburgh, Scotland.  This podcast with @jimgroom on the beauty and the messiness of #learning is one of my favorites! (Only … Continue reading

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Containing the Future of OER

I spent the morning listening to Stephen Downes‘s talk “Applications, Algorithms and Data: Open Educational Resources and the Next Generation of Virtual Learning” he delivered yesterday at the RELIF Symposium in Hammamet, Tunisia. I highly recommend it, it’s a remarkably thorough … Continue reading

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Domains 17 Interview with Jon Udell: “Digital Polarization and a Web of Evidence”

Last Friday the Domains 17 conference committee interviewed Jon Udell live on ds106rad.io in anticipation of his presentation at the conference in June. (Still haven’t registered? Here’s the link!) If you have read the bava for any amount of time, it will … Continue reading

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