DTLT Today Episode 107: Marie McAllister’s Domain of Her Own

For the 107th episode of DTLT Today, I sat down with English professor Marie McAllister to talk about her ongoing experimentation with technologies in her teaching over the last decade more generally. In particular, the amazing work she has done with the ever growing poetry anthology site Eighteenth Century Audio—a perennial UMW Blogs site that is one-of-a-kind on the web. Marie was part of the Domain of one’s Own faculty initiative this past Spring, and what I love about her approach is that she is not afraid to experiment. Over the course of this discussion we talk about her work with an honor’s  Medical Writing course on DocuWiki, the English Coffee House Bulletin Board built within phpBB, her various forays intoWordPress, and her long history with MediaWiki. This is truly a domain of her own, and she epitomizes the vision of faculty becoming sysadmins of their profesional spaces online.

What’s more, I obviously agree with her when she says every university should be experimenting in this space right now—but this kind of reaction amongst our most discerning faculty is really encouraging. I can’t thank Marie enough for sitting down with me, and it’s remarkable just how articulate she is about the future of Domain of One’s Own—I thought that was my job! 🙂 There’s nothing better than listening to UMW faculty imagine this space, and we have only just begun.

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