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Coffee and #ds106 at FredXchange

I am back in Fredericksburg for a few days for some business and house cleaning. I head up to NYC on Tuesday, so it will be a fairly quick turn here, but it’s always exhilarating to spend some quality time … Continue reading

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Slacking off at Reclaim

One of the many great perks of going full time at Reclaim Hosting is that I can work from anywhere. This is something my family and I will be capitalizing on, which means Tim and I need to get into … Continue reading

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S3 Commando (Line)

In my last post I wrote about moving bavatuesdays (and the rest of my personal, server based online life) to Reclaim Hosting. It was long overdue, and it might be appropriate to recognize that my partner in all things Reclaim, … Continue reading

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I’m a Reclaimer Now

The work I’ve been part of with Domain of One’s Own encouraging faculty and students to get their own domain and web hosting has a pretty long history that pre-dates my time at UMW. Almost twelve years ago now, my friend Zach Davis … Continue reading

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UMW Domains-Now with More Community!

Domain of One’s Own has been an unqualified success, and Martha’s post on this project provides a nice summary of where we are at six months in. We’re on track to have more than 700 folks in the UMW community with … Continue reading

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Technical Vistas: Flat Files and APIs

It’s been an exciting time at DTLT for a bunch of reasons, not least of which is that the Domain of One’s Own project, much like the Death Star, has been fully operational for more than a semester now. We’ve … Continue reading

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The Domain is Right

This past week UMW’s Division of Teaching and Learnign Technologies rolled out what’s most certainly our most ambitious project yet: Domain of One’s Own. I’ve written a lot about this project over the last year or so, and it’s surreal … Continue reading

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Reclaim Hosting has a new branding logo

Thanks to Michael Branson Smith, my partner Tim Owens and I  are really sharpening our brand appeal over at Reclaim Hosting.  I think this venture is gonna work! That said, we still need your money (it’s just a short-term loan!) to fund this … Continue reading

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Got My Head in the Cloud: Udell on Domain of One’s Own

Jon Udell blogged about the history of an experiment that is finally taking root here at UMW. The pilot is the dry run for giving every Freshman their own domain and web hosting space by Fall 2013 in order to … Continue reading

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DTLT Today’s 100th Episode

I guess today is a day of milestones, not only has the bava turned six years old today marking my sixth year at UMW, but DTLT Today has cranked out its 100th episode—which is a pretty amazing feat.  When Tim … Continue reading

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