Earlier today on twitter I was watching the river flow when I saw the following tweet by the great Bud Hunt:

I was intrigued, and figured what would my five word edtech horror story be. I came up with the folowing:

I was hooked, for the next 45 minutes or so I was having a ball reading and writing FiveWordEdtechHorrors on Twitter, it was pretty remarkable to follow that hashtag and watch hundreds of edtechs chime in from all over the place in order to palyfully have fun with their frustrations. A fun loving professional catharsis in the form of a hastag—it’s a beautiful thing. from what I understand Carl Hook just modified the trending #FiveWordTechHorrors, and a Twitter event was born.

There were a ton of fun Tweets, I’ll include a few of my favorite below, but if you work in edtech, the stream is still going and it speaks to how creative and inspired a loosely distributed community can be if given the right prompt.

The following Tweet by Martin Weller is an inside joke given that someone made this pronouncement at the MOOC Research confernece, but it made me bust out laughing nonetheless.

Bud Hunt was on fire…

How can we forget MOOCs….

I always enjoy LMS bashing….

But there was something for everyone!

So much fun, this made my semester. I really haven’t had a moment like this in a while on Twitter. Unexpected, but pure joy!

Update: Origins are always tricky, Frank Nochese seems to have been behind this madness 🙂

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