For this Smile I Stop

This is yesterday’s dailyshoot, and like Aimee I am not always thrilled with the prompts. Add to that this is my fourth time doing this process, and I am starting to see the repeats (like today’s prompt). That said, I still savor the opportunity to push myself to look around at everything for an intense period of two weeks when we do this for ds106, and I basically interpret the prompt to fit the shot I liked the most that day.

So, when thinking about perspective not necessarily of a thing, but of my life right now and all those who are dear to me. I realize how quickly I can lose all perspective given my tendency to get obsessed with all things ds106. So let this be a reminder and provide some perspective.

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2 Responses to For this Smile I Stop

  1. Lou McGill says:

    I so know what you mean about perspective and ds106 is sucking me in too… but this is just such a lovely pic and very timely reminder. your children are great – watched the family ds106 video last night – such a laugh.

  2. Aimee Sisco says:

    The pyramidal composition is fantastic. At the top, T is looking away from the camera, but there’s her toothy grin and most striking—in the middle of the pyramid, in the middle of the shot—her open palm resting on the post. Very nice. This stuff is inspiring.

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