Thanks ds106

having the open, online students contributing to #ds106 is really what makes the experience that much greater. And this semester we have a bunch of awesome folks who are more than up to the challenge. I mean look at the feedback Cheryl Colan gave to Leigh Ellis in regards to Illustrator, or check out Aimee Sisco’s comment on Alan Liddell’s recent “News on the March” video that puts the framework of the media we create within a geo-political frame. And Ben Rimes has been following the course for a while and for the Summer of Oblivion he decided to join in, and boy am I glad he did! Dr. Oblivion—who is missing currently 🙁 —already has been remixed.

It is the ds106 community that makes the awesomeness that has become the Summer of Oblivion possible, and I can’t thank you all enough! But I’ll do my best to try and show my gratitude over the next five weeks, thanks ds106.

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  1. Ben says:

    Ds106 is probably the most interesting, exciting, and sexiest thing I’ve done regarding education and the very notion of expressing one’s self digitally in the last 12 months. The community you’ve managed to curate and cultivate is on par with Dan Meyer’s #anyqs fanatics, Tom Woodward’s quirkiness and ingenuity, and shatters the very notion that social media is inherently a “bad thing” in education.

    #ds106 #4life

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