Ghost of a Weeble

The ghost Weeble rom the Haunted House set.
I am now committed to the Daily Create. I have done about half so far, but now that the semester is upon me as of tomorrow, I want to formally commit to doing each and every assignment for the length of the semester. So today’s assignment is to take a close-up of a common object. An everyday object around my house for the last five or six years has been this well-worn ghost Weeble from the vintage 1970s Haunted House set. When I got this set on EBay I pretended I was going to keep it as a collector’s item given it was pristine, but as with everything in this vein (i.e., my comics, my AD&D paraphenalia, or my extensive smurf collection it never really works out. As it turns out as much as I want to be a collector I can never stand to see anything that is supposed to inspire joy an fun be entombed within prophylactic plastic. So, inevitably I hold out for about a day or two before the kids get hold of whatever it is I am trying to “preserve.” The unexpected joy out of having this stuff in circulation aroun the house is the everydayness of the object, these toys no longer become rarefied by nostalgia, rather they become part of the world of my home and my kids’ childhood.

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  1. Todd Conaway says:

    “extensive smurf collection” There are some secrets better kept to ourselves… And, ah, it kinda explains the whole interest in big hair bands you got going.

    I sold hot dogs to tourists for a while in Sedona. When I got the job the guy says, “Here is the van, here are the keys, here are the hot dogs and stuff. And here is the money. Bring it all back.” I remember later asking him if he ever kept track of the money that came in and out of the dog cart. He said something like, “Money is meant to be shared and to be exchanged, not to be held on to.” Weirdo Sedona people. I made him lots of money.

    But you are right about the toys. They have a purpose and that is to be played with.

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