Glitching Waterfall

The above photo is of a spot along a path right below our house on the way to Anto’s mom’s house. It’s a gorgeous path, and I have photographed it a few times since I got here.

The Path

About half-way down there is a small waterfall, in many ways the polar opposite of the Multnomah Falls, I have this referent point thanks to an image David Wiley posted from a hike he took the other day.


I took this 4 second video the other day with the idea of making a GIF.

The only problem with it was I am a shaky jake, so the GIF moves and it doesn’t work so well. So, I decided to limit it to two frames only to get rid of the shake.  I was thinking it would create a stereo effect GIF. And while it does to some degree, it think of it more as a glitched waterfall—constantly stuck at a certain point not able to actually flow. A fascinating thought about nature—it can’t really glitch digitally, if that makes any sense.


It is a good reminder that every time you set out to make a GIF it’s a quick lesson in photography and motion. But the thing that keeps me coming back is the fun.

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4 Responses to Glitching Waterfall

  1. I really like that the glitch is (for the most part) caused by the computer trying to switch between the two frames at a super-high speed. It isn’t a static twitch from one to the other…there are jerks and jump in there because the hardware simply can’t manage to spin it all at the same time.

    I feel like that a lot of days.

    And you live in the most picturesque place on earth.

  2. Reverend says:


    Haha, I love the close reading of the GIF, when I look at it for a while I start imagining a super villain stopping the water from flowing, or a superhero preventing it from flooding Trento. I’m not nearly as thoughtful as you 🙂

    As for Trento, I annoy everyone here because I am constantly talking about how beautiful it is. They are all locals, they are jaded. I imagine it is how folks who wake up everyday to the North Shore of Oahu feel. Ho hum, look that 50 foot wave.

  3. Thought you might still enjoy an ‘un-glitched’ but image stabilized version. The pretty shot deserved the attention.

    And you might enjoy a subreddit dedicated to making shaky video watchable. There’s some really interesting footage they tackle.

  4. Tom says:

    MBS to the rescue!
    Give that man a reclaim shirt.

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