Going into deep experimental mode

The bava may be in and out over the next day or two as I upgrade my own WPMu version to the 2.7 trunk (pre-beta!) and integrate it with BuddyPress and bbPress (the last piece of which has consistently proven a major pain in the ass when it comes to cookies). Nonetheless, I am getting really close—you can see the beginnings of the integration between WPMu and BuddyPress here. I am still bothering with bbPress because it has been integrated with BuddyPress groups providing instant, integrated forums on the fly, which I like in theory a lot.

So, anyway, great pâté, but I got motor if I’m gonna make this funeral.

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2 Responses to Going into deep experimental mode

  1. Steven Egan says:

    At least this time it’s you messing with the bava.

  2. Reverend says:


    That’s right, I can necessarily sick the bavahammer and the bavavision on my self, can I? Actually, maybe I could if things get as bad as I think they might.

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