WPMu 2.7 before its time

I have upgraded the bava (and my several other sites running on this installation) to the trunk version of WordPress Multi-User 2.7 well before its natural time. I know the risks involved, but everything is neatly backed up and I have been feeling generally restless these days. Not to mention I really, really want to get the 1.0 alpha 4 version of bbPress integrated with WPMu in order to experiment with the BuddyPress group forums. So, I took the leap a bit earlier than recommended, and here’s WPMu as seen through the lens of version 2.7!

Image of WPMu 2.7 interface

Click on image for larger version

On another note, as I learned this morning from Andrea’s WPMU Tutorials log, it looks like the folks at Automattic have released their code for a video solution framework for WPMu—wow! This could get interesting quick, could we soon see a bavatube? What’s your take on this Andy?

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7 Responses to WPMu 2.7 before its time

  1. Andy Rush says:

    Someone will know what to do with this right away, and will write a good tutorial on how to set this up. The idea is great. What they provide in terms of installation docs is quite scary.

  2. Ed Webb says:

    *subscribes to bavatube before its time*

  3. Mike Bogle says:

    Video Solution Framework? Man you’re not kidding, that’s brilliant! Setting that up is probably above my technical abilities, but then again that’s never stopped me before 😀

    Might this do for video hosting what the blog did for the text-based web presence? Are you planning on having a play?

    Great find, thanks for mentioning it.



  4. Reverend says:


    I’m counting on you!


    There’s at least one victim for my plot to take over the airwaves.

    It seems intense, I’ll probably sit down and play with it tomorrow when Andy Rush gets back in the office. Not sure have the technical expertise to instll it, but I do have a few idle WPMu accounts that could bear the breaking, so we’ll see. If I get it up, I’ll update the details here, I’m pretty excited to see what it could do. I agree with Henry Jenkins that universities shouldn’t build their own YouTube sites, but when its this easy, it certainly allows you to provide an alternative quite simply should anything happen to the other, or if their policies get out of hand.

    We’ll see what this is all about shortly 🙂

  5. Matt says:

    Bavatubes? Man, those testimonials at the top of your page seem more and more prescient every day.

    Love the hacking — keep it up!

  6. Hailin says:

    We just merged in new code and expanded the documentation to include much more detail.
    Please check it out again and let us know if you have any question or feedback

  7. Reverend says:


    Thanks for the heads up, I am absolutely amazed that WordPress.com released this code, it’s amazing. I have to see if I can learn a bit more about Media Servers before I take the plunge, but I intend for UMW Blogs (http://umwblogs.org) to have this up and running by March. So thanks.

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