Green with envy

Mikhail, a good friend of mine, just sent me this screenshot via IM, letting me know he is watching Escape from New York. Oh, if I didn’t have two kids under three…

Escape from NY

By the way, Harry Dean Stanton is my hero!

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9 Responses to Green with envy

  1. Jim says:

    Snake Pliskin I thought you were dead!

  2. jimgroom says:

    A great quote from one of the greatest films! I was just thinking about how strange it is that nobody has made an Escape from New York video game. Just think of the interactive possibilities: the glider, the bridge, the mole people, the Duke of NY, the Boxing ring, the burnt out shell of NYC, and the list goes on. This film is really framed like a lot of video games, or, alternatively, many video games are framed with a very similar narrative structure as this movie. Come on, Rock Star, The Warriors was very good, but Escape from New York would be amazing!

  3. Ah, Snake. That really was a good movie. Or, it’s remembered as a good movie, and might really suck on rewatching it. A little scared to find out… Wasn’t there a sequel? Escape from LA or something?

  4. woah. I’d forgotten that EFNY was set in 1997. Ten. Years. Ago.

    So, did it come true? Pretty close…

  5. jimgroom says:

    Yeah I remember watching it for what was probably the 50th time in 1996 thinking, “Wow, this isn’t really the future anymore!” But post 9/11 is an even crazier moment for that film. Personally, I think any film featuring a post-apocalyptic, fascist state holds up quite well over time. Unfortunately, Escape from LA sucked -especially the part when Kurt Russel wraps himself in an American flag at the end of the movie -pathetic.

  6. Mikhail says:

    I’ve got a kid under 3 who happened to be escorted by his mother to a 3rd birthday party that lasted a few hours — lots of ice cream and cake. Lucky for me.

    I agree, an EFNY video game would be great. It could definitely work and Rockstar are the ones to do it lest it be another Sopranos, Scarface, or even The Thing.

    Oh, and a question: if that thing at the end of Snake’s machine gun is supposed to be a silencer, how come it makes such a darned racket when Isaac Hayes is terrorizing Donald Pleasence?

  7. Ah, The Thing! The movie that made me want to visit Antarctica. And bring some extra dogs, just in case. And a hot poker to periodically test my blood…

  8. jimgroom says:

    John Carpenter’s The Thing is without question one of my top five movies of all time. Period.

  9. Mikhail says:

    You gotta love his They Live too. Like when Rowdy Roddy says “I’ve come here to chew bubblegum and kick ass. And I’m all out of bubblegum.”

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