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Alien GIFs

The following GIFs are all way too big, but I don’t care. I’ve watched Alien a few times this week, and I can’t get enough of it. I want to do a GIF series about computers from films during the … Continue reading

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Paris, Texas

Part 1: Part 2: While I am not a huge Wim Wenders fan, there are a number of scenes I could pick from Paris, Texas (1984), which I believe to be his one and only masterpiece. I could listen to … Continue reading

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“If they don’t learn, kill ’em”

Martin Weller has been making the parallel between movie stars and edubloggers, and while some folks have commented with the usual concerns about thinking through blogging in terms of stardom and fame—more of the self-effacing edtech pandering that drives me … Continue reading

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Formative 10: Escape from New York

Well, I guess I gotta get going on my formative 10 because what has taken me almost eight months, has taken D’Arcy Norman all of three days. I find it interesting how much a formative 10 can tell you about … Continue reading

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Harry Dean Stanton’s Repo Code

Harry Dean Stanton is without question one of my favorite character actors, if not my favorite. He has been in a number of great movies with some amazing roles—I’m thinking Cool Hand Luke, Alien, Escape from New York, Pretty in … Continue reading

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Green with envy

Mikhail, a good friend of mine, just sent me this screenshot via IM, letting me know he is watching Escape from New York. Oh, if I didn’t have two kids under three… By the way, Harry Dean Stanton is my … Continue reading

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