Gyruss and Robotron in the Reclaim Cloud

There is some stream-crossing going on in the Reclaim universes as our most recent shared hosting servers were named after 1980s arcade cabinets. That should keep the server naming fun for a little while, although this switch also serves a practical function. Changing the names of our servers to arcade games like Gyruss and Robotron will help us identify if a shared hosting server is hosted on Reclaim Cloud or Digital Ocean, where our punk-themed servers live.

The value of Reclaim Cloud for hosting our managed hosting and Domain of One’s Own instances was apparent quite early on, and that has proven a huge boon for immediate scaling of resources and storage while keeping server costs under control. So pushing shared hosting servers to our cloud marks a further investment in shifting our infrastructure to an elastic cloud, kind like what the digital revolution of the 80s arcade cabinets meant for the future of gaming 🙂

It’s crazy to think Reclaim Cloud has been live and available for over a year now; its value to us as a company has been huge in terms of expanding our options. What’s more, it has pushed everyone at Reclaim to step-up their comfort level with managing containers and supporting cloud native applications. It’s a brave new world, and the fact that Jelastic was recently acquired by Virtuozzo after a 10-year partnership points towards a broader push in this direction across the entire hosting landscape.

That said, changes like this raise questions around existing licensing and pricing models. One thing that’s become painfully apparent over the last several years is that the cost of software in this field (whether cPanel, WHMCS, CloudLinux, ZenDesk, etc.) has gone up significantly. Our monthly software bill has nearly quadrupled over that time period, so paying attention to changing business models around software as we commit to providing a cloud-based option to the Reclaim faithful becomes increasingly important. Sometimes you kinda feel a bit like Robotron: the last human defense against the robot revolution 🙂

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