Hardboiled Week 11: Wikipedia Research Project & Sundry (Election Night)

Tuesday, Nov 6, 2012 Hardboiled Course Discussion of Wikipedia Research Project

Above is the audio from Tuesday night’s Hardboiled class. We spent most of the session discussing the Wikipedia research project, and started to frame the scope of that over the last four or five weeks. I have been alluding to it since week 8, but we had been so caught up in the readings and discussions I was letting it lapse. I corrected that in Tuesday night’s class. The Wikipedia project is going to prove interesting, and as we immerse ourselves in it over the next 5 weeks I will try and report back regularly here because it isn’t easy to organize—but I think it might be pretty interesting Each Monday from here on out the four groups will present the status of their work for 10 minutes. This coming Monday we will look at the Plot Summary and research for critical reception, publication history, legacy, and writing style for each of the books article we are creating or brining from stub to life. As of right now the initial articles are being framed out in Google Docs, we will work on the transition to Wikipedia over the next two weeks, but given our article pages have little to no community as of yet we should be in relatively good shape.

In addition to the group researched article, each student will be exploring further some of the initial research they did on a particular book and morphing that into a research paper, video, radio show, etc. focusing on an element of the novel they are interested in exploring further (or some other element you came across in your research). We will be meeting about this individually in Week 12.

Also, a reminder that we talked about the fact that there will be a Final Exam on Thursday, December 13th from 7-9:30 PM covering all the material we have covered over the course of the semester.

On a final housekeeping note, I updated both the course calendar to reflect the expectations and reading for the reamining week as well as the syllabus.

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