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Lists of Serial Killers on Wikipedia

The writing of my last post led me to some pretty crazy lists on Wikipedia that freaked me out a bit. Serial Killer lists! A list of serial killers by number of victims. A list of serial killers by country. A … Continue reading

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Over a week ago the Division of Teaching and Learning Technologies (DTLT) met with the six faculty in this year’s cohort of the Online Learning Initiative (OLI) here at UMW. The OLI provides a framework for faculty over the course of a … Continue reading

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Hardboiled Week 11: Wikipedia Research Project & Sundry (Election Night)

Tuesday, Nov 6, 2012 Hardboiled Course Discussion of Wikipedia Research Project Above is the audio from Tuesday night’s Hardboiled class. We spent most of the session discussing the Wikipedia research project, and started to frame the scope of that over … Continue reading

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Testing Wiki Append plugin

I have previously had problems getting the WIki Append plugin to work on this blog, but I think that is no longer the case. Am I right? If it works, the following article is a multi-media project students in Mara … Continue reading

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What does bava mean?

Shelley recently asked me a simple question, “What does bava mean?” It’s a fair question and I thought it might actually be helpful to spell it out a bit for my customers readers dear friends. Well, there are many meanings … Continue reading

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Afterload, or the internet as oracle

So last night, while I was whipping up another WPMu, bbPress, and BuddyPress casserole for an upcoming NEH Grant on Whitman (but more on that soon), I found my fearless partner, confidant, and earliest inspiration for all my edtech dreams … Continue reading

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Computer Love

Feeling very affectionate towards my computer this morning, I decided to find a machine readable song that it could groove on, and where else would I turn but Kraftwerk, in particular the album Computer World. So this one is for … Continue reading

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In-Universe Perspective

I was reading up on one of my favorite movies, The Terminator ([beginning of insanely long tangent] which I love that Stephen Downes references when re-framing what might otherwise be bulldozed as an unquestionable firing offense of a teacher in … Continue reading

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Music for the coming Depression

About a week or so ago I got Robert Crumb’s Heroes of Blues, Jazz & Country which I have been totally digging. The book has been reinforcing an informal education I’ve been getting through my various conversations with Folklorist Gary … Continue reading

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More on The Glass Bees

I figured it was high time to finish my reading of Ernst Jünger’s The Glass Bees (which was cut short in the original attempt here by a tangent that has receded considerably, dare I say thankfully) so that I can … Continue reading

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