Hardboiled Week 6: Double Indemnity, Research, and Wikipedia

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I can’t believe it’s already week 6 of the hardboiled class—where has the semester gone? Tonight we’ll be watching the noir classic Double Indemnity (1944) based on James M. Caine’s novel of the same name and co-written by Raymond Chandler. It will provide a formal introduction to the noir, and accompanied with the first chapter of James Naremore’s More than Night will prepare us for a larger discussion about what exactly noir is. Is it a genre? A zeitgeist? A mood? An idea? What? It’s also a nice way to start complicating and building on the assumptions surrounding hardboiled and noir fiction and film. You can find the first 30 pages of Naremore’s Chapter 1 “The History of an Idea” on Google Books. The final nine pages of the chapter left off of Google Books can be downloaded here. Read this entire chapter and be prepared to talk about it in relationship to Double Indemnity this Thursday, October 4th.

Also on Thursday UMW librarian Peter Catlin will be talking to us about our Wikipedia Research project. He has already prepared a libguide for our hardboiled class, be sure to look at this resource before Thursday’s meeting. Also, I’ll be finalizing the next two Wikipedia research projects tomorrow and selecting groups accordingly.

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  1. suzannah richards says:

    i can’t find anyone’s posts or the hardboiled page…it just shows that freakin bus! help! gahhhhhh X(

  2. Reverend says:


    It is working for me now, are you still getting the bus? Are you going to http://blog.murderinc.biz/?

  3. suzannah richards says:

    I followed the link and still got the bus…what do I do! 🙁

    • Reverend says:

      I think you need to clear your cache. If you have a smart phone check the site from there. Sometimes the page caches on your computer or a local network and hold the old, cached pages. Also try to hold down the shift key and click refresh on your browser page, that might clean the browser for you. If that still doen’t work let me know.

      Can you get to your blog? Or are all murderin blogs doing this for you?

  4. suzannah richards says:

    sweet! I reloaded the page while holding shift and it worked! danke schon:)

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