A Culture of Innovation

A Culture of Innovation from umwnewmedia on Vimeo.

UMW’s Division of Teaching and Learning Technologies (DTLT) presented this afternoon at the EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative’s Online Fall Focus Session on the theme of innovation in higher education. The basic question guiding our presentation, which was centered around the 7 minute video above, was the following: how does a university like UMW consistently foster innovative projects like UMW Blogs, ds106, and, more recently, A Domain of One’s Own?

There’s no one adequate stock answer to such a question, so when preparing the presentation we decided to interview students, faculty, and staff around campus to get a broader sense of the culture of innovation happening at UMW. What we got in return for our labors was some really compelling stuff. The video was shot and edited by the great Andy Rush, and it’s just a teaser for a much larger documentary that we are planning on making this semester to start chronicling and narrating the culture of innovation at UMW. It’s really cool, and quite rewarding, to take the opportunity of a presentation like this and turn it into a project we can all get very excited about. We got your data, and just like Soylent Green, it’s people!

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5 Responses to A Culture of Innovation

  1. Alan Levine says:

    Brilliance. Bravo. And so key to start with those students Will and Haley (whose shots I cannot help but notice Tim’s giant maker bot heart in the background).

    UMW keeps pushing past where it has already pushed.

  2. Ben Harwood says:

    Excellent video. Right on target. You guys are good.

  3. linda3dots says:

    OMG! That. turned out sooooo good! It’s definitely first class! Andy is a master at editing (I wish I could be his apprentice and learn the skillz.) Gosh. Watching this makes me so proud that I got to be a part of the whole DTLT/ds106 thing… I can’t wait to see the feature documentary.

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