Haunting the Ghost Flex Course

This week saw the release of the second installment of the Ghost Flex Course we’re running at Reclaim Edtech. This session featured Pilot Irwin taking us through their process of putting together Reclaim Hosting’s monthly newsletter Reclaim Roundup. There is a lot of solid advice around using Ghost, and I’m a sucker for listening in on people’s process and creative workflows. Pilot has really run with the Roundup, so listening to them share their work was a real delight. What’s more, Taylor and Pilot make for really awesome co-hosts, and I do like how we’re changing-up who leads a session as well as who becomes the conversant co-pilot, if you will 🙂

Pilot and I have already recorded the third session that will premiere next Wednesday at 11 AM Eastern. That session focuses around getting your email setup for the newsletter feature in Ghost, which is a big draw for many.

The Reclaim Edtech sessions march on, and I am really loving how much good stuff is coming out of our work there, which reminds me of the next post I need to write about the Hacks for Hybrid Working course running alongside this one …. so like and subscribe!

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