Hacks for Hybrid Working Flexing on Reclaim Edtech

Hacks for Hybrid Learning logoI just posted about the Ghost Flex Course currently running at Reclaim Edtech this month, and it occurred to me that is just one of two! Lauren Hanks and Maren Deepwell are deep into week three of their four-week session Hacks for Hybrid Working that’s been running since mid-October (watch previous sessions here).

It’s been a fun series of discussions around reclaiming your work environs, managing space and time with useful hacks, as well as just connecting around the new work realities many of us share. I’ve gotten a lot out of the sessions thus far, and later today at 11 AM Eastern they’ll be jumping on the mighty ds106radio to talk hybrid working with yours truly, and I’m fired up about that. So, if you have some time to tune in for a non-video mode of considering hybrid work, then this session may be right up your alley.

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