Hey McFly, Register for Domains19!

I spoke with Martin Hawksey about his talk at Domains19 a few weeks back, and I got even more excited than I was already—which is saying something. And now you can a small glimpse as to why, namely the McFlyify site which is facial detection experiment that captures and animates your face on top of Marty McFly’s in the disappearing heads of the McFly family photograph from Back to the Future.

Martin describes the whole process in depth in this post, and the short version is how simple it is to use free web-based tools to capture, recognize, and manipulate images of yourself. The implications of this technology are both fascinating and troubling, and the McFlyify experiment is just a small teaser of what he will  explore in order to frame how these technologies work and their broader implications for better and for worse. How sick is that? It promises to be a remarkable talk, and I’m over the moon that it will be happening at Domains19. Which should server as a timely reminder for folks to register sooner than later given we are limited to 120 seats and they are going fast.

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