Pimping My Decks for Domains19

I am finally starting to get over the fear and dread of putting on Domains19, and moving into the enjoyment phase of the process. I am very much looking forward to landing in Durham, North Carolina in 10 days to meet with an awesome group of folks ready to explore the limits and possibilities of Domains. Few things get more excited than some fun remix art, and Bryan Mathers—as is often the case—has created just what I was looking for. The Pimp My Deck Remixer is playing off the retro-futurism theme by allowing folks to remix their own skateboard/hoverboard  in homage to Back to the Future (1985)pretty freaking amazing. This will go brilliantly with Martin Hawksey‘s McFlyify piece! I just spent the better part of 30 minutes creating a OG skate decks that I would love to own. For example, this one featuring the cabinet art of the 80s video game Centipede:

Or the Toxic Avenger deck, that is actually inspired by a skateboard deck I recently saw, and desperately wanted to buy and hang on my wall:

But one must always be on brand, so here are some Domains19 decks based on Ryan Seslow’s conference art:

Pretty cool and fun stuff, and the Remixer will be one of the exhibits at Domains19, so keep the decks pimped!

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