I Am Legend Trailer

I have written about Richard Matheson’s amazing long story I am Legend at length on this blog before, referring to several film adaptations of this masterpiece (read it here). Well here is a trailer from the latest film adaptation starring Will Smith:


It may not be The Last Man on Earth or Omega Man (in fact the trailer suggests it may be terrible), but I love the fact that they have relocated the story from LA to NYC and, terrible or not, I have to see it!

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3 Responses to I Am Legend Trailer

  1. Jerry says:

    I loved Omega Man – I’ll go see this one with you -even if it doesn’t review well. Something is very interesting to me about civilization collapse/last man standing type movies.

  2. jimgroom says:


    It’s a date! Believe it or not I haven’t been to the theater in almost two years, damn chilluns!

  3. I Am Legend says:

    It’s gonna be a great movie !

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