It Came from the Domains Stacks!

Bryan Mathers is experimenting with animating his art—which is lucky for us—and he has taken the “Domains Death Star Eye in the Sky” poster he created for Domains 17 and gave it life:

But he even got crazier than that in the following video gem (be sure to make it full screen before viewing!):

How cool is that? Embedding that animated brilliance into a stack of records to help define and promote the insanity that will be Domains 17.  Are you ready? Are you animated? Are you registered? No? Let’s take care of that now.

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4 Responses to It Came from the Domains Stacks!

  1. John says:

    How lovely,
    Any idea/write up of how the video was done?

    • Reverend says:

      I will have to defer to Bryan on that, but I would love to know. The effect is just gorgeous. I’ll point him here to find out, cause it is really cool and disarming! An essential element of great GIF work 🙂

  2. Mash-up, mash-up, mash-up…

    I’m experimenting with how 2D artwork can be placed in a 3D space. The short clip of browsing the stacks, is 2D, but AfterEffects is clever enough to interpret the footage, allowing you to build planes that track with the camera. As it happens, Records and Discs work really well because they essentially are flat 3D objects, so essentially 2D.

    I’m off to get some more smoke and mirrors…

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