My ds106 Valentine

Been a while since I jumped on the Daily Create train, but I could not resist today’s OG throwback in honor of ds106 hall of famer Sarah Kountz:

It is a testament to Sarah’s insanity that among all the things I could think about on Valentine’s Day, such as over-sized Hershey Kisses, break-ups, lost loves, current loves, etc. All I can associate this day with since 2012 is this assignment. In fact, Valentine’s Day assignments have a rich history in ds106. I still use the 1970s Valentine’s day cards featuring DC super heroes:

I still show the above example whenever I ride the ds106 gravy train—I never tire of it. So anyway, I had to do the assignment, and now that I have I feel that old demented discomfort that cathartic ds106 art always brings to the fore. A Jonestown Valentine’s Day card?

Terrible, I know. But can’t I blame the Internet? Or Trump? Or some other calamity of global proportions?

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6 Responses to My ds106 Valentine

  1. Paul says:

    “I guess that’s right on par / Who’s left to blame?”

  2. You’ll note I rang the Jim Jones bell on the same image!

    • Reverend says:

      I was feeling a bit guilty that my mind went right to Jonestown, but once there I couldn’t come back. Seeing you had the same inclination for the same image made me feel a bit better, so thanks for being equally demented 🙂

  3. Sara’s challenge is one of my most favorite DS106 memories and said so much about the ethos of DS106 community, that a former students would issue a creative challenge to the next group. I cannot help but to re-play it again and again.

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