Jim Groom Art #4life

There is no great predictor of a successful ds106 course than the level of Jim Groom Art it produces—a tried and true tradition of this venerable digital storytelling course. And I can now officially assure you this cohort of students is no joke. Their work invokes the ghost of Noise Professor, and that is no small tribute.


I am a proud professor right now! And I appreciate all their artistic support while I was being kidnapped by Russians in LA and went missing only to reappear with short-term amnesia.

I know the first Jim Groom art poster I share is a bit too creepy, but it does rule. And while I haven’t read the book, or even seen the movie, I’m sure this is very wrong. But the artist, Mia Boleis,  and I are both Long Islanders, and that’s why we were born to be #4life. You have to work harder Virginians!


It’s apparent from Emily Bostaph’s Jim Groom Art that she understands the stakes of . That said, and for the record, I don’t eat people. That’s a myth that got started a few semesters ago after one video assignment went bad, there’s nothing to it.


Edith the Art Freak seems to think I left my soul behind while being beaten and kidnapped by the Russians. No faith. And what’s this reference to Paul? Paul who?! Did I mention I don’t eat people?


Erin seems to think getting kidnapped by Russians is a walk in the park.groom

With this Jim Groom art, it’s almost like Justin knowns me. Too close to home.

I’m beginning to think that we need to run ds106 more like an online American Idol for digital storytelling, and Shannon Grubb appears to agree that I need to be one of the  judges.

Jim Cowell

Lesya’s reworked Taken poster commemorating my disappearance two weeks ago truly captures one course’s devotion to finding their professor, and I feel safer for it!

July Laszakovits “Saving Professor Groom” poster may be one of my all-time favorites, despite the fact I’m not in it. It’s yet another fun example of remix, and I love how she took the images from the Google Hangout to create this masterpiece.

And despite the fact the Sharla Hargis’s black and white photo on top of a color poster of I am Legend doesn’t necessarily jive, it’s still Jim Groom art, which is better than most all other things. Also, read the book, the movie is crap.

Landon Epperly’s Daily Create yesterday has me starring in 2001: an ITCC Odyssey 🙂
DS106 Does Outerspace


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7 Responses to Jim Groom Art #4life

  1. Well done! The self-referential, idiosyncratic supermemes and inside jokes and the cultural norms and the glory and splendor of it all. Much love, 4life.

  2. iamTalkyTina says:

    Well, it is always such a fun time to see when peoples make Art about UNCLE Jim Groom. And when there is a collection of Art of it, it is always better.

    Remember the time I made a bunch of them when it was called “Pearls of Jim Groom Oyster Series” ? Plus all of those Dancing Jim All Over the World ones?

    It just goes to show what a good sport UNCLE Jim Groom is about making Art. So I say “good job” and “well done” to him for being that way, and “good job” and “well done” to all the peoples that make Art of him.

    Like a True Friend of me says, The Bava Bring It Like Nobody Does

    Well, bye!

  3. Alan Levine says:

    I’ve heard of that Groom guy.

  4. Paul says:

    I know Sharla’s is supposed to be a Matheson story, but all I can think of is Guardians of the Galaxy.

  5. Mia Boleis says:

    Thanks for the shout out! I think you definitely picked some really good Groom Art. Besides mine, which is obviously a good one, I really like you as an American Idol Judge. I’m sure you would have given Simon a run for his money.

  6. Tyler Daig says:

    This is absolutely hilarious!!

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