Johns Hopkins has taken the Lyceum pill -boooyaaa!!!

Hopkins WeblogsI had known this for a few days now, but I wasn’t certain if it was a test run or the real deal, but it seems official given the recent post to the ibiblio lyceum blog- Johns Hopkins University is using Lyceum as a multi-user blog solution. See site here. Asheesh Aroia was instrumental in seeing this project through and he explains his process in some detail here. Great stuff, Asheesh.

It is pretty exciting when a research 1 university with the renown of Johns Hopkins adopts an open source blogging project like Lyceum – congratulations to the WordPress folks and, more specifically in this case, John, Fred, and company – this is major!!!

What is even more exciting about this development is that a smaller university with fewer resources, like Mary Washington, can just as easily join the party thanks to all the hardworking, inspired folks involved. Thanks to all y’all …

By the way, Asheesh has also set up a JHU wiki using MediaWiki. Very cool, and wait I just got a wonderful, awful idea:).

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  1. Priceeee says:

    BOOOOO Yaaaaaa!!!!! What is a Lyceum pill???… i just searched boooyaaaa on google and this came up…. BOOOO YAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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