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Taming the Web

Another 2001 edtech book Shannon Hauser gave me earlier this week is Larry Lewen’s Using the Internet to Strengthen Curriculum. This guide to internet research is all about how to domesticate the internet for education, and some of the quotes … Continue reading

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Innovation Lost

Yet from those flames No light, but rather darkness visible. I’ve been writing a bit about early internet and web history based on the Internet Course I am embroiled in currently. Some of the early deomgraphics of the web are … Continue reading

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Distance Learning at UMW

A really dedicated and enthusiastic group of students in Michael McCarthy’s News Gathering course put together one hell of a resource on the state of distance learning and UMW and beyond. Kudos to Emily Montgomery, Sarah C. Smith and David … Continue reading

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Say what you will about edtech, at least it’s an ethos…

Luke Waltzer’s recent post on educational technology and digital humanities brings up some important points that needed to be articulated. It seemed to me that educational technology was being subsumed by the idea of digital humanities, which is something that … Continue reading

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20 Examples from UMW Blogs (Part 2)

Go here to see part one of this series. Jesse Fillerup’s Fredericskburg’s Musician Marketplace This course blog for the History of American Music experiments on several levels, and I think it hearkens back to an off-handed comment Brian Lamb made … Continue reading

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20 Examples from UMW Blogs (Part 1)

Mike Bogle sent a tweet last week asking for some examples of educational blogging on UMW Blogs. I didn’t respond, and he probably thought I was ignoring him, but the bava never ignores, rather it absorbs. And given that one … Continue reading

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Playing with WPTouch

So, I am a little late to the mobile revolution (and frankly I still think it’s ridiculously over-hyped for education), but I finally got an iPod Touch through work in order to test out the interface of WordPress on a … Continue reading

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Erland Van Lidth, a.k.a Terror, Grossberger, and Dynamo

Erland Van Lidth is in my mind the b-movie equivalent to a John Cazale. Cazale has one of the most remarkable, and tragically short, film careers in history. He was in five films before his untimely death, all of which … Continue reading

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Chuck Norris Taught Me Everything I Need to Know about Bear Fighting

Soon I will be taking an epic journey to Svalbard, Norway to fight Polar Bears, which promises to be the bava’s greatest challenge yet. But thankfully the internet has training videos for such death defying presentations. I kinda feel like … Continue reading

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Instructional Technology Council 2010 Annual Conference

The ITC 2010 annual conference was a revelation for me, and in many ways exactly what I needed to re-light my fire for instructional technology. I first heard of the conference last year when I saw that the Briyans were … Continue reading

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