KaraOERoke ALT Summer Summit Post-Mortem

As part of the ALT Summer Summit event Chahira, Tim, and I reprised the KaraOERoke event that debuted during OER20.  As expected it was fun, and special thanks to Maren, Martin and Emma Jane for inviting us back. If there were more issues this time around than last, that can be blamed squarely on me for not opening the song sign-up doc I shared with potential participants [face palm]. That said, there was no shortage of willing singers, especially amongst the hosts 🙂

The setup we went with was Zoom, and having folks share their screen (along with their audio) proved to be a pretty solid solution. I kept everything on one monitor and used OBS to stream it out to ds106.tv. Fairly straightforward, there were some issues with sign alongs though, we tried it a few times but audio was competing and cutting out, so that would be something to solve in future iterations. After all the singing there was some time for a chat between Chahira, Martin, and I about the possibilities for streamed events like this, and the work Martin has already been doing for ALT events for years in this regard. We got to talk about my most recent pet project is to try and help build an internet TV station a la EXPTV or Cloudflare.tv. It was cool, if not a bit surprising, to learn Liz Hudson not only stayed around, but even appreciated our discussion at the very end of the evening around the idea of an ALT TV, or some kind of larger idea of edtech TV.

I decided to spare you the other two hours of bad singing throughout the evening and share the 20 minute chat at the end wherein we tease out a few of the ideas around live streaming, karaoke, and internet TV made for and by the people!

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