TommasoTV: Pong Hits

Tommy and I re-united for our second episode of TommasoTV. I’m always looking for an excuse to stream these days, and Tommy is always ready to share what he’s been developing, so we make a good pair. This episode covers Tommy’s back to the basics strategy of game development. As mentioned in our last episode, he was working on a more complex, 3D shark game that he had to abandon given some AI difficulties, and he decided to go back to the beginning of it all: Pong. As I noted in the video, this warms my old school gamer heart 🙂

He takes us through the process as well as providing some details around how he figured out various functions in C Sharp to get the ball to accelerate with every paddle hit, as well as how to get the speed to reset once it is out of the playing field. What’s more, he even got a power-up feature to work on the fly. Tommy rules, and I love that fact he is working through narrating his learning.

As for the video, we had some intermittent internet issues on our end given a storm that rolled through, so I edited those extended freezes out of this video, but if we refer to poor internet at various points that’s why. Also, this stream was done using the web-based application Streamyard that we had occasion to play with this week and we’re really digging it and seeing it as a perfect tool for Reclaim Today. Tim got an account and has already played a bunch, and I just got around to it this weekend and I am loving it.* It’s a really quick, streamlined version of OBS with a variety of templated shots, screen sharing, and browser-based audio sharing. What’s more, inviting people is as easy as sending someone a link to the streaming event, it’s quite slick.

So, Tommy got to share his work on Pong and I got to test out Streamyard, win-win!


*Shout out to Paul Bond who introduced me to the app years ago, but I had forgotten about it until it came back on our radar for an event we participated in this week.

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