Lessig on Zombies

A brief excerpt from the EdTech Survivalist interview with Larry Lessig wherein he confirms there are zombies running our culture.

It should also be noted that Lessig was extremely cool and rolled with the question, staying more than a half an hour after his talk fielding questions graciously and attentively.

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7 Responses to Lessig on Zombies

  1. you, sir, are my hero.

  2. Steven Egan says:

    Can we just start with education? Government, religion and ruling the world can come later. Though there was that one guy in high school interested in putting me into the presidency. That guy was crazy.

  3. Ed Webb says:

    The important question is what kind of zombies? The slow or fast kind? Shark-wrestling or non-shark-wrestling? Our best defence is information. That is why I applaud the initiative of Comrade Weller to begin to gather intelligence here: http://zombify.wikispaces.com/

  4. Tom says:

    Ed- we will deal with all of that. We actually just interviewed a guy who added quantum zombies to the slow/fast list.

    Knowledge is power and now you know and knowing is half the battle (the other half is, of course, against the zombies).

  5. So, quantum zombie tunnel right into your brain?!?! THAT’s a problem!

  6. brad k says:

    for god sakes man, don’t keep me in suspense, where’s the rest of the conversation.

    p.s. you are a golden god.

  7. Ed Webb says:

    Quantum zombies? Of course. Schrodinger’s cat is both dead and alive, or neither dead nor alive. Zombies are essentially quantum, unfixed and unfixable (they won’t stay buried…), inhabiting the twilight domain between waking and sleep, life and death, one and zero.

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