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LMS Dogma

I mentioned in my last post that I recently was invited to talk to a group of students in Eddie Maloney’s Technology Innovation by Design course. This group are the pioneers of Georgetown’s new Masters program in Learning and Design. I … Continue reading

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How CUNY Grad Center Fellowships Changed the Course of Edtech History

This is cross-posted on the CUNY Academic Commons News blog as part of the Citation Needed series I am writing there. Now for a little history you never wanted. I had many fellowships while I was a Ph.D. student at … Continue reading

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Six Months an Apprentice

Since late July, early August I have been focusing a lot more of my time on wrapping my head around the Reclaim Hosting server infrastructure, as well as providing support to folks using it. It’s been a welcome deviation from the career trajectory … Continue reading

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Single Most Important Development in Edtech in Last 2 Years…

….has nothing to do with “innovation.” Scott Leslie was prompting a bit of discussion on Twitter yesterday: edtechies, prove me wrong – what is your single most exciting/important development in the field in last 2 years? FedWiki, ReclaimHosting… — Scott … Continue reading

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Paleoconnectivism: The Long History of Edtech

One of the three presentations I was part of at Open Ed this year was “Towards a Paleoconnectivist Reader” with David Kernohan, unfortunately our third co-presenter Brian Lamb couldn’t make the conference—and we missed him dearly. I’m sure David will have a … Continue reading

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Pushing the Known Syndication Hub Beyond RSS

Born of the brainstorming conversation Tim Owens and I had on our way to Oklahoma last month, the push-based syndication hub using with Known for Wire106 has come to pass. It’s pretty exciting, and it marks a welcome departure from the hacky hacking that has … Continue reading

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Two Digital Divides

We have yet to begin to consolidate the opportunities that have opened up for in the last decade of the internet, in terms of the most basic stuff. Jon Udell ended his 2007 “The Disruptive Nature of Technology” presentation discussing … Continue reading

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Taming the Web

Another 2001 edtech book Shannon Hauser gave me earlier this week is Larry Lewen’s Using the Internet to Strengthen Curriculum. This guide to internet research is all about how to domesticate the internet for education, and some of the quotes … Continue reading

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Innovation Lost

Yet from those flames No light, but rather darkness visible. I’ve been writing a bit about early internet and web history based on the Internet Course I am embroiled in currently. Some of the early deomgraphics of the web are … Continue reading

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Agile EdTech

Yesterday morning I met with UMW Computer Science professors Karen Anewalt and Stephen Davies to discuss possible platforms for an online course they are offering high school students in Virginia. In particular, they were wondering about the open source platform … Continue reading

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