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An Archive of One

The great Alan Levine has unearthed and posted a version of a Second Life presentation Tom Woodward and I did back in 2008. It’s a personal favorite of mine because we managed to integrate elements of John Carpenter’s They Live! … Continue reading

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Dawn of the Dead: Hare Krishna Zombie Doll

While in the mall the other day (the irony is not lost on me), I discovered this awesome action figure of the Hare Krishna zombie from George Romero’s 1978 class horror film Dawn of the Dead. I couldn’t resist buying … Continue reading

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Classes I want to teach

One of the best things about my job at UMW is that I’ve been able to teach a wide range of courses across a few disciplines. So far I’ve taught nine different courses, and one of them six (soon to … Continue reading

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Zombies, Pirates, and Copyright

Audio from Zombies, Pirates, and Copyright presentation Last night I had the distinct pleasure of presenting on the convergence of three topics that fascinate me in light of our cultural moment: zombies, pirates, and copyright. All three are big both … Continue reading

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100 Zombie Movie Posters

Thanks to this tweet from @filmstudiesff I was tutned on to Dr. North’s blog that is featuring 100 zombie movie posters just in time for Halloween. Very, very cool, enjoy! Great fodder for a presentation, no?

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Zombies and the Manshed

The Velocioraptor Variety Show group asked me to do a quick impromptu spiel on surviving the zombie apocalypse for their half hour radio show—which you can listen to in its entirety here—and what resulted was a bit of extemporaneous zombie … Continue reading

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Presentation as Zombie Movie

Jim Groom: The end from Antonio Vantaggiato on Vimeo. Thanks to the great Antonio Vantaggiato, I finally have video for the presentation I gave in Puerto Rico on September 3rd at the Simposio Nueva Web. I blogged about it a … Continue reading

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A Zombie Bug-Out Bag

I love this video because it marries many of the themes I have been pursuing over the last several years, namely zombies, survivalists, academics, and enthusiasts—all in one kinda strange National Geographic video about the zombie apocalypse as a metaphor … Continue reading

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Education Connection, it’s more than just a catchy jingle…

…for in just one minute it captures everything that is wrong with how private enterprise is conceptualizing, marketing, and framing the idea of “higher education” in the US right now. This idea of the “waitress” or service job as dead … Continue reading

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Zombification of Higher Ed CFP

Thanks to professor Larry Hanley I just discovered this CFP that contains the term “zombification of highered” (I have included the entire CFP below) How awesome is that? What’s more, they are now teaching Zombies 101 at the University of … Continue reading

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