Let me make this clear…

Buckle your Seatbelts, here comes the future

"Buckle your seat belts, here comes the future" used courtesy of Darkmatter

…I love Tony Hirst! And let there be no confusion, the stuff he is doing at OpenLearn makes me giddy with excitement. Case in point, take a look at the latest developments in the OU Course Spamming saga he and his people have whipped up. I really am lucky to be working when I am, and along side the folks that I am. These are exciting times!

In fact, I saw this bit on Slashdot about the Commonwealth of Virginia’s interest in Open Source textbooks for Physics, and the first thing I thought about was Tony’s imaginings for syndicating resource via subjects and mixing and matching along the way. This is the “flexbook” that article is referring to, and the distribution and the platform for mashability should be just as important as the licensing. Moreover, you can invest far more in the content than the distribution because it ain’t that expensive.

Come on people, let’s break this whole thing wide open, the time is upon us now!

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