LMS as Institutional Dark Web

Image of a dark web
Image credit: Askai Bosch’s “Series of Abandoned Webs 19”

For now, the CMS landscape is a multi-institutional dark Web, an invisible, unsearchable, un-mash-up-able archipelago of hidden learning content.

This is a quote from Bryan Alexander’s brilliant presentation “Social Media is Killing the LMS Star” which he never gave at Open Ed 2009. And while I am still getting my thoughts together for a tour-de-force post on what I did see, I strongly urge anyone and everyone to take a look at one of the most provacative and strongly argued cries that the LMS is, indeed, dead. Thank you Bryan, for ushering us into the post-LMS world so smartly. More than that, his counterfactual history of the web as if it were premised on the CMS logic is presented in a Sterling-esque frame, much like the pull quote above.

For while we missed Bryan dearly at the conference, his bootlegged presentation remains proof that inspiration can live on through Wild West of the Web.

And here’s a parting quote:

CMSes are retrograde in a Web 2.0 teaching world.

P.S. – Damn I wish I were smart enough to make the death of the CMS so beautifully paranoid, scifi, and gothic all at once.

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4 Responses to LMS as Institutional Dark Web

  1. Mike Bogle says:

    Yep that’s a great piece – really well presented. I loved his use of the radio analogy too. Really enjoyed your presentations from OpenEd09 too – though admittedly I didn’t have the benefit of watching them live 🙂 Looks like a really great event.

  2. Reverend says:


    Bryan Alexander’s mix of a gothic/scifi sensibility in his approach to just about everything he blogs, discusses, and presents on is one of the most important elements of the new web in my idea. Having a frame of nuttiness to imbue everything you do with coolness. He’s awesome.

  3. Ed Webb says:

    Seconded. Bryan kicks some righteous ass in that piece, as so often. Part of the edupunk brotherhood who can preach with the Holy Fire (one of Chairman Bruce Sterling’s great novels and, yes, I don’t think the adjective Sterling-esque is misplaced here).

  4. Thanks, Mike. Nice to meet you.

    Rev. Bava, professor Ed – you guys are insanely awesome. When do we three meet in person, eh?

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