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Open Source FTW or, a Small Anecdote of a WPMS LTI Integration Plugin

Back at Domains 2019 Andy Millington came all the way from the University of Edinburgh to Durham, North Carolina to share the work of his team to create an LTI  that integrates WordPress Multisite with Moodle. This is a project … Continue reading

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LMS Dogma

I mentioned in my last post that I recently was invited to talk to a group of students in Eddie Maloney’s Technology Innovation by Design course. This group are the pioneers of Georgetown’s new Masters program in Learning and Design. I … Continue reading

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Questioning the Conformity Curve

The folks involved in Cal State University, Channel Islands’s domains project known as CI Keys, wrote a series of really thoughtful posts about the projects from a variety of vantage points. Michelle Pacansky-Brock wrote about the project as a catalyst for … Continue reading

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Dr. Chip Oblivion

Our student aide this summer, Patrick Burnett, designed the above playing cards for a game that Mary Kayler and Lisa Ames have been creating for faculty and students to explore the resources available in Canvas, our learning management system at UMW. It’s … Continue reading

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Flamethrowers vs the LMS

I love Canvas’s new commercial for Instructure—love they are having with this video. What’s more, their product is now open source, I mean really open source. Now if they could only use this aesthetic on their product web page 🙂

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Momentum for WP as LMS building

Image credit: bionicteaching’s “Edupunking your CMS” Maybe it’s just cause I live in a particular bubble on the internet, but over the past six months or a year there has been what seems to me like some serious momentum towards … Continue reading

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BlackBoard: Innovate, Educate, Litigate

One thing that has stuck with me in my quest to bury BlackBoard over the last four years has been just how shamelessly BlackBoard’s PR message is so hypocritical when looked against their baseless legal aggression against their competitors. I … Continue reading

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LMS as Institutional Dark Web

Image credit: Askai Bosch’s “Series of Abandoned Webs 19” For now, the CMS landscape is a multi-institutional dark Web, an invisible, unsearchable, un-mash-up-able archipelago of hidden learning content. This is a quote from Bryan Alexander’s brilliant presentation “Social Media is … Continue reading

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The Company Store

Image credit: L’Hibou’s “Le Wal-Mart de la rue Karl-Marx” While talking with my neighbor Kent Ippolito a few weeks ago, the conversation somehow found its way to a fascinating fact I had never heard before, namely that Wal-Mart has for … Continue reading

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LMSs get the gas face

Mike Bogle has been basically crawling out of his skin while faced with the prospects an LMS offers the future of thinking creatively about teaching and learning technologies—and rightfully so. It’s a mess, so in solidarity—and thanks to Luke Waltzer … Continue reading

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