Long Viva Knievel!

This post on WFMU’s Beware of the Blog praised the iconic daredevil well before his death and far better than most ever could. The post contains an unbelievable assortment of links and resources about Knievel.

And while I can’t say I was ever a die-hard Evel Knievel fan, waiting for him to jump that pool of sharks in the late 70s was one of the most exciting moments I can remember from my childhood. And while he never actually did the jump (at least on this occasion –our whole family waited in front of the TV patiently for what seemed like forever) the very idea that he would dare to brave thirteen of the most fearsome jaws of the deep made him larger than life in my imagination up and until this day.

Image of the pool of Sharks Evel Knievel was supposed to jump
Image of the pool full of sharks Evel Knievel never jumped.

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