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Puny Wallet! Hulk Smash!

I got a new wallet this weekend, and everytime I use it out to pay for something I get a compliment. That’s been foreign reality to me for a long while. And I enjoyed it so much I figured I would throw a couple … Continue reading

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Polaroid Selfies

Dr Garcia pointed me to this post that has Sean Young’s polariod pictures from the set of Blade Runner (1982). I was struck my how much they resemble the selfie aesthetic of our current moment. It’s interesting to be reminded … Continue reading

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Cinco Midi Organizer

What I really want to do with my life is make commercials like the following dream product: the Cinco Midi Organizer. And that is just one part of the entire universe that is Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! I was turned … Continue reading

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The Roach Motel

I had the distinct pleasure today to give an impromptu and rather  impassioned presentation to Jess Rigelhaupt’s Freshman Seminar about their participation in the Domain of One’s Own project. My tact for this presentation was to start by talking about … Continue reading

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Spider-Man 1967, Episode 28: “Cold Storage”

Spider-Man’s latest caper takes the wall crawler far away from the familiar skyscrapers of New York City and into a dark realm of horrible monsters and menacing overlords. After picking up a disturbing distress call through his “Spider-sense” Spider-Man eagerly … Continue reading

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Spider-Man 1967, Episode 27: “Spiderman Battles The Molemen”

Quick note to anyone who has been following the simple re-publishing of the 1967 Spider-Man series on this blog, right around episode 21, which is the beginning of Season 2, there is an entirely new look and feel to the … Continue reading

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Spider-Man 1967, Episode 26: ”Diamond Dust”

”Diamond Dust”: Museum robbers disguised as gorillas create a diversion by unlocking a zoo cage and stealing valuable items while the wild animals occupy the security. Spider-Man discovers the devious plan and corrals the freed animals in time to get … Continue reading

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Spider-Man 1967, Episode 25: “Menace from the Bottom of the World”

”Menace From The Bottom Of The World”: A criminal takes charge of subterranean molemen and uses them create sinkholes under bank buildings to steal all the money inside.

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Spider-man 1967, Episode 19

“To Catch A Spider”: Dr. Noah Boddy releases Electro, the Green Goblin, and the Vulture from prison to get back at Spider-Man. All three disable Spider-Man’s powers and arrange to meet at midnight at the docks. But Spider-Man is one … Continue reading

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Spider-man 1967, Episode 6

Here’s the sixth installation of Marvel’s weekly releases of the 1967 Spider-man. It’s remarkable that it took six weeks to get to the Green Goblin, you would think he would be top billing. But I’m not complaining for he was … Continue reading

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