While playing with the movies tag on UMW Blogs’ sitewide tags site this morning I realized that Megan McMillan (who took ds106 in Spring 2011) is continuing to kill the course two years later! To Megan’s great credit (and my relief) she was the first UMW student I noticed started submitting assignments in the repository Martha Burtis built the first semesters. true greatness dies hard, like the other titan of the course Cali4beach who continues to kill her blog with stories everyday. She is a machine of awesome!

Below is the post I found from Megan that I thought was brilliant, I want to try a ridiculous horror movie poster myself very soon!

Manatee/ The once gentle manatees are tired of dealing with humans. For years they’ve been getting hurt by boat propellers, but no more. You thought you only had to deal with sharks in the ocean? Well now look out for Manatee.

While remarkably similar in theory to my “The Squirrels” this one I have had in my head for awhile. I’d seen a couple of the cheesy SyFy movies like “Mega Shark vs. Crocosaurus”, “Mega Shark versus Giant Octopus”, “Mega Python vs. Gatoraid” (what? I have EXCELLENT taste in movies), plus “Jaws” and “Piranha”. So I was thinking what killer creature from the sea hasn’t been done yet? Better yet… what is the kindest/gentlest sea creature that would be least likely to attack humans? Manatees! So yeah this spawned before The Squirrels.
This poster is, clearly, based off of the “Jaws” poster. I even used the same font “Amity Jack.”

Manatee picture from here
Swimmer from here

Here’s to you , may your semester be long and creative!

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4 Responses to Manatee!

  1. Megan says:

    Ahhh thanks for this Jim Groom 🙂 And you totally should do some ridiculous horror movie posters! They’re super fun. I just got really busy around the time I posted mine. I had plans for at least 1-2 more.

  2. Reverend says:

    You’re awesome, I love your stuff. Always have, and I think I always will 🙂

  3. cali4beach says:

    Hahahahaha. This is the first time to see the Manatee post and I am in love!! #epicwin

    I am so backlogged on posting on my blog, but I am hoping to change that in the next few weeks!

    ps. Megan and I should do a skype #ds106 interview sometime showing #ds106ers two years later 🙂

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