Media Anarchy in WPMu?

Update: The latest beta of the Anarchy Media player can be downloaded here, and you might be happy to know it works with WPMu 2.6—huge thanks go to IndyMedia for the tip in the comments below.

Has anyone seen this yellow button? I have been waiting patiently for what seems like months for the little yellow Anarchy button to appear in my Rich Text Editor for WP & WPMu version 2.5+, but no no avail. So as we are getting ready to upgrade UMW Blogs, I was wondering if anyone found a solution. I looked here, here, and here, but all active questions and development seem at a stand still. This is a bummer for me, because the Anarchy Media Player is without question the easiest and quickest way to insert all kinds of video and audio by simply copying and pasting a link. It helped make the overhead for including media into posts and pages seamless, one of the strongest selling points for WPMu on campus. Anyone figure out a workaround, or have the quick code to make it a tag? I imagine it can be done because the plugin still works if you use the Media button in the code/html view of the text editor.

And while I’m at it, where’s the add an image icon in WPMu 2.6? This one:

It’s gone away, and the default Add media option in WPMu 2.6 visual text editor only has the gray asterisk sans the image, video, and music icons, which I added through this hack here (though I am beginning to wonder why because the video and music icons don’t do much good because all they do is provide a link—they don’t embed anything).

Visual Text Editor for WPMu 2.6 (hacked to show icons)

Visual Text Editor for WPMu 2.6 (hacked to show icons)

And while I was able to get Viper’s Quicktags Plugin for YouTube and various other video services working with a hack (thanks Luke), it messes with the visual text editor to such a degree that it almost becomes too much labor in the long run. Has anyone else experienced these issues? Moreoever, has anyone else found a solution?

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5 Responses to Media Anarchy in WPMu?

  1. IndieLab says:

    Hey there,

    I had similar problems when upgrading to WPMU 1.5.1, I begged Zeug for a solution and he gave one here,

    He also references a download link in this thread. That link is here

    I hope this helps your cause. You have a great site by the way, I really dig your content!

  2. Reverend says:


    You rock, it worked like a charm. Thanks for the links, and thanks to Zueg for doing this even before he had upgraded. This is very cool, behold the power of the blog, not but three hours later a link and a solution is in hand. Not if I can get a line on getting the image link back in the visual text editor, then I’m batting 1000.

    Also, thanks for the compliment on the bava, it’s just a bad b-movie blog that fell down the rabbit hole of educational technology 😉

  3. IndieLab says:

    Hey Rev,

    Glad I could help! Zeug is a really nice guy from what I’ve seen. Three hours, isn’t the web great? You might find how I even learned of your blog even more interesting…I created a Google Alert for the terms “wpmu” of the type, “blog”, and I get regular alerts that pertain to wpmu. If you haven’t used these alerts yet, I bet you can find some great uses for them, especially as they pertain to education technology.

    Take care man, keep the good stuff a’comin…and add an email subscription option if you can, you know, for the tech geeks like me who like to “kick it old school” and subscribe via email;)

  4. RavanH says:

    MAN ! Am I glad I find this post ! The power of blogging indeed 😉 … combined with the power of search engines ofcource.

    I was looking at a daunting future without Anarchy Media Player plugin after a WPMU upgrade but this beta does the job perfectly. Except for the vipers_videoquicktags_replacer filter function, but that was already the case in the 2.0 version, i think… Anyway…

    IndyLab, thanks a zillion for this tip 🙂

  5. IndieLab says:

    @ RavanH,

    No problemo, glad I could help. Great site by the way;)

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