My last post focused on the wealth of bitTorrent news and politics coming out of the Torrent Freak blog. In my blogging diligence I neglected a recent, quite remarkable report coming out of this blog in this post: “The Biggest Ever BitTorrent Leak: MediaDefender Internal Emails Go Public”.

From what I understand, MediaDefender (follow the previous link for a wikipedia current event 🙂 ) helps media companies track down and “neutralize” piracy, their clients reportedly include Universal Pictures, 20th Century Fox, Virgin Records, HBO, Paramount Pictures, and BMG. Well, this organization has taken a huge blow as their e-mails have been leaked (by a group identifying themselves as the MediaDefender-Defenders) to the internet which trace some of their more nefarious practices of entrapping users by setting up fake video sharing services like the already notorious started in February, 2007 and uncovered by Torrent freak in July.

The post is both entertaining and frightening, go read it for yourselves.

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