“And then the pirates come and they steal all our internets…”

To stick to a theme, check out Tenacious D’s anti-piracy video featuring Jack Black.

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3 Responses to “And then the pirates come and they steal all our internets…”

  1. Colleen says:

    Arrrrrr! Pirates built Jack Black and rained riches down upon him.
    Don’t be a douche, Jack Black! Figure out how the word was spread that allowed you to thrive and go rich in rocket sauce.
    (great name, you should be a pirate).

    Leave collaboration with MPAA and RIAA behind. You have nothing to lose but your chains to old models of doing business. Join us in on the internets sea where knowledge, access, and pirate souls long to be free.

  2. Luke says:

    thing is, record labels F artists over, and they take it, it’s called capitalism, if you’re competing for a chance to get F’d in the A in the hopes that the record companies will sign you then, have fun with that, no actually, I’m glad that people are stealing music online, because it’s hard enough getting decent music at the store anyway, sanity music here in Australia have actually taken away the rock music section, I was already annoyed when they put metal and rock together in one section, now if a CD is lucky enough to actually make it on the shelf, it’s mixed in with n*sync and the presidents of the USA and nirvana and the pet shop boys, what do those bands have in common, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! So in the absense of any real choice, I’m stealing music, sure I could’ve bought it from an online store, but steal it for free central is right there! Here’s the thing though, we’re in a transition right now, I don’t feal guilty stealing music because I know that if I had bought it, the band in question would only get 50 cents, and would still wind up in debt to the label, so eventually when artists free themselves from labels and all music is distributed independantly online, then I’ll probably pay for it, because I would actually feal guilty if I denied that band their income when they’re the direct recipient of the money, and you know what, it wouldn’t matter if the market was flooded and there was ten times as much musical choice available, because even if people like britney spears only got 10% the sales they used to get, at $5 a pop instead of 50 cents, you make the same money anyway, so just waiting for people to wake up basically and tell the labels to go F themselves

  3. Aphve says:

    lol @ people not getting that this is a joke

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