MistyLook theme for bbPress

MistyLook bbpress

Well, out of necessity more than skill I hacked Refueled’s bbPress theme port of Superbold by gorotron. The theme was really nicely done, and the CSS was clean (at least before I got my mitts on it), so I took a stab at re-skinning it a bit to look more like Sadish’s MistyLook theme while keeping a lot of Refueled’s design choices for his bbPress theme. I am not a CSS guru by any means, but the visual effect is enough for my purposes at UMW Blogs. If others find it useful and have some suggestions feel free to leave a comment.

I changed the width and height of the header image (800px x 125px); kept the hot tags sidebar on the left -out of ineptitude mind you; and tried to change as many of the font and styles to the MistyLook “way” as possible given my readily apparent limitations. So, if you are interested in MistyLook and don’t mind cleaning up some amateur CSS mistakes, have at it. Enjoy!

MistyLook theme for bbPress ver.01

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2 Responses to MistyLook theme for bbPress

  1. Alan says:

    I am tagging you for a stupid meme.

    The password is “stroke my drupal”

  2. ganjar says:

    any demo for this theme please? 🙂

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