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Mozilla Open Education course

(Jan) Philipp Schmidt of Peer 2 Peer University has organized an open course (along with Mozilla and ccLearn) focused on designing the “open educational platform of the future.” It’s a great idea for a course (especially a free one!), and … Continue reading

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The time people will spend watching crap

I was talking to Andy Rush and Jerry Slezak recently about the fact that the over 90 videos I have uploaded to my YouTube account have almost 360,000 views. A figure that is modest by YouTube standards, but still kind of … Continue reading

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The Design of Openness

Photo thanks to Bern@t’s Flickr stream. Cole Camplese recently had a provocative post about open design that has me thinking about a few things that might frame some of the ideas that I think are key to imagining a loosely … Continue reading

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An Impressionistic History of Skateboarding, Part 1

As the nostalgia kicks in full force, I am transported back to Long Island during the 80s. My brother and I (16 and 13 respectively) built a half-pipe in our backyard while my Mom was enduring an extended stay in … Continue reading

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Book Autopsies

Brian Dettmer’s Book Autopsies featured on the Centripetal Notion blog is well worth a look if you haven’t seen it already. Found via Carole Garmon’s UMW Blogs post for her Video Art class here. Go UMW Blogs go!

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Wal-Mart, Iraq, and an Inexcusable Silence

Lee Rosenbaum’s article in today’s Wall Street Journal adds another layer to the post I wrote about Randolph College selling off its art collection (inspired by Rosenbaum’s original post here). According to the article, one of the major forces behind … Continue reading

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Randolph College selling the art farm

You may have already heard that the Board of Trustees of Randolph College (a small, private women’s liberal arts college in Lynchburg, Virginia) made the controversial decision to sell off parts of its celebrated art collection to stay financially viable. … Continue reading

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Fake can be just as good

Introducing the fake bavatuesdays, is it any less authentic than the real thing? The fact that you can copy themes in WPMu to specific user directories and edit them (or hack them!) freely really makes the possibilities of a stand … Continue reading

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A timely work of art, no? More found street art here.

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The Truth about Mongo Santamaria

For similar insanity go here.

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