Mounting Directories and Copying Files between Containers in Reclaim Cloud

As I was moving both bavatuesdays and ds106 from a WordPress Cluster setup to a more simplified LEMP-based container, I was running into issues with private and public keys making it hard for me to rsync between containers. I posted my issue to a thread on the Cloud section of the Reclaim Hosting community forum (which will open up tomorrow, and will be where we will be handling support for the open beta period of Reclaim Cloud), and learned a very cool trick, namely that you can mount any one of your containers onto another environment and simply copy over any files you might need. For example, I need to copy the 15 GBs of files in bavatuesdays wp-content over to the new install, but with rsync not working the prospect of downloading and re-uploading seems time consuming and ridiculous.

“But,” to quote Tim in the forum thread

…there may be an easier way, you can just mount your older storage container to the new container like so:

Then you can simply copy files as if both folders are on the same server from /var/www/webroot/old-site to /var/www/webroot/ROOT

And it worked, what’s more we tried it with a database container after I took a dump of the ds106 database, and it was cool to discover you can mount a database container onto an add container to copy files as well.  So, transferring files and data between containers across different application environments is quote simple.

You go to the Config icon in the container you want to mount the other container to:

Create a directory in the /webroot folder, in this example old-site:

The click the gear icon and click on the Mount optin:

After that you will need to choose the container you want to mount, and include the path to the directory you want to have access to:

It happens quite quickly, the few minutes is an exaggeration…

And once it is mounted you can copy or sync files between the old-site folder and the directory you need to copy your files to (in this example /var/www/webroot/ROOT/) and it the copy seamlessly—without the wait.

Just another reason I am loving Reclaim Cloud.

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