Mrs. Lizardo, or my worst educational experience

Back around Halloween Michael Branson Smith asked us to share our worst educational experience as part of his course at CUNY’s York College. Despite the deep pain and horror my story still causes me, I decided to gut it out and share my Mrs. Lizardo story, it’s horrific but it needs to be shared because experiences like this are the very reason why our schools are failing us right now.

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4 Responses to Mrs. Lizardo, or my worst educational experience

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  2. Mikhail says:

    This got a huge laugh when MBS played it at our CUNY IT preso. Well done.

  3. Shakira says:

    Lol, we also watched this in Prof. Smith’s ds106 afternoon class. We all got a good laugh. This is genius!

  4. Reverend says:

    Mikhail and Shakira,

    What’s funny is that I completely forgot I had done this until Michael tweeted it out again. I have to say it was pretty funny, and all the better given I forgot it.

    I also remember there was another piece about going out to the weeds and smoking cigarettes, looking at nudey mags and kissing girls. But I now don’t even know if I said that anymore, or if I simply dreamed it. I am gonna go back to the weeds at Millburn school one of these days and do a video there.

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