Noir 106: Week 1 – All Work and No Play

Just checking in to make sure everyone know that week’s one work is due this evening, no later than 11:59 PM. This will be the case each and every week, and I will not be sending these email reminders going forward.

Also, I will be posting at least one video each week in addition to the weekly assignment video to provide feedback, feature work, and generally reach out. This week’s can be found below:

I reference a few sites during the video, and I am including links to them below.

  • I talk about the videos the new Jack, Burtis and Bond made this week.
  • I also mention Bond’s post about Noir-Fu, a great example of how noir is not limited to a specific time or genre, it’s an argument for noir as a style.
  • Additionally, I give a shout out to Lesya, Megan, Amy, July, Lauren, and Sarah work thus far, stop by and say hello.

Well, that’s it for now, and be sure to watch the video and heed my advice before the clock strikes midnight.

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